Slide History

Hospitality and Catering has been in our family for four generations. My Great Grandparents Josef and Sara Berman owned the Bellaria Hotel in Merano, Italy and the Hotel Edelweis in St Morits, Switzerland. These Hotels were established by Baron Rothschild as he often holidayed in these areas and he wanted luxury and quality accommodation with excellent Kosher Food. My Grandmother, Lea Papenheim, was born in St Moritz and went on to establish a quality kosher catering company in Zurich, Switzerland which she ran with her late husband for many years. I grew up in close proximity to my Grandmother and spent many hours in her kitchen where my passion for culinary art and understanding of the events industry was developed.

Our Journey

Starting my career

I started my hospitality career in 2001 with small engagement parties and Bar mitzva celebrations.